How To Bring In Positive Energy Into Your Home

10 Effective Ways to Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

Home is the place where you feel at ease, a place of refuge from external hostilities. It is a place where you come back to at the end of the day and feel relaxed. However, there are times when coming back home does not feel good or pleasant. This could be due to the negative energy that exists in your abode. This article aims at helping you drive away the negative energy from your home and bring in more positivity into your household.

How to Bring in More Positive Energy into Your Home

People are always plagued with the question of how to create positive energy at home. Therefore, let us explore a few ways by which you can welcome good energy into your home and fill your life with happiness and positivity.

1. Have a Clutter-free Home

De-cluttering your house of anything unwanted or not in use anymore is probably one of the best ways to attract positive energy at home. Cleaning will create space for good energy to seep in and can also act as a catharsis. Moreover, a clean house will make you happy and that itself brings in good vibes into the house. In case of an unclean house where everything is disorganised and in disarray, you suddenly feel a punch of negative energy as you enter. Hence, de-clutter and keep a clean house and let your home be filled with positive energy.

De-clutter your home

2. Let the Sun’s Rays and the Breeze Come in

The rays of the sun (especially early in the morning) and the wind are few things that can energise you. A room becomes radiant when sunlight gets in. You feel fresh and your mood gets uplifted as you feel fresh air inside your home. Therefore, as soon as you wake up, just pull the curtains and open the windows; allow the fresh air and sunlight into your home. These two things will automatically bring in positive energy into your home.

Let sunlight into your home

3. Hang Wind Chimes

Feng shui recommends the use of wind chimes to dispel negative energy and to bring in good energy into your house. If you feel low whenever you come inside your house or negative energy (in the guise of sickness, obstacles to progress, happiness or relationships) is always present in your home, hang a wind chime. This will negate all bad energy and purify the chi (energy) as it enters your house.

Hang wind chimes at home

4. Keep Crystals

Crystals are a great way to absorb bad energy and give out good energy. There are various crystals that you can keep in your house – clear quartz cleanses negative energy, and amethyst drives away bad energy. Placing rose quartz in every room of the house will help in dispelling all the negative energy and bring in happiness, love, and joy into the household. Placing a hematite crystal under the doormat at the entrance will obstruct the negative energy which is often brought in by the people visiting your home.

Keep crystals at home

5. Keep Your House Smelling Pleasant

Placing scented candles and lighting them up can create positive energy inside the house. The aromatic candles diffuse negative energy that may exist in your household only to replace it with good energy. Lighting few incense sticks and going around the house with it can also purify the house of bad energy. You may also use diffusers at home to infuse the air with scents of essential oils.

Keep your house smelling pleasant

6. Sea Salt

Like crystals, sea salt is a great way to absorb negative energy inside the house and purify the space. Place sea salt crystals in bowls made of bone china or glass in different corners of the house, including the bathrooms. However, the sea salt kept in the bowls has to be periodically changed, and it has to be replaced with a bowl of fresh sea salt crystals. You may even mop the floor of your house once or twice a week with water and sea salt to cleanse your house of negative energy.

Sea salt for positivity

7. No Room for Broken Items

Telephones, watches, electronic goods, clothes etc. which are torn, broken or are beyond repair bring in negative energy. It is best for you to throw them away even if it has an emotional element. Such things only add to the clutter and bad energy in the house.

No room for broken things at home

8. Bring Nature Into Your House

Reduce negative energy in your home by placing a few indoor potted green plants. They beautify the space, eliminate negative energy and bring in a feeling of positivity and well-being inside the house. Plants like the lucky bamboo are said to bring in happiness, good luck, and health. On the other hand, plants like sage and aloe vera combat bad energy and bad luck. That is one reason why aloe vera should be placed in the passageways or a place where the guests enter your house. Then there are some plants like the peace lily, jasmine and orchid which aids good sleep, physical, mental and spiritual well-being, fertility, and romance; therefore, it is best to place these plants inside the bedroom. Hanging bird feeders in the balcony may bring in birds into your house and give you a chance to be one with nature.

Bring nature into your house

9. Chanting Prayers

Chanting prayers are said to have great benefits. Prayer chanting should be done loudly (do not shout) and clearly. Pronouncing each word clearly is the key to bring in positive vibrations into your house. However, before you chant prayers, remember to clean your house. Positive energy cannot reside in a dirty space. If possible, you may even burn dry sage leaves and walk around the house while chanting a prayer. There is no definite prayer to chant; it is up to you to choose the prayer that you wish to chant.

Chanting prayers out loud

10. Play Soothing Music

Playing soothing music which appeals to you can bring down your stress levels. This creates a happy atmosphere in your home and brings in a positive vibe. Learning to play some instrument or vocal music will also have good and positive effects on you and your home. You may also practice yoga or meditation with some soothing or light music in the background for maximum benefits.

Play soothing music

Follow the above ways to energise your home and fill it with good vibes and positive energy for a happy, prosperous and fulfilling life.

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