Halloween 2023 -10+ Best Halloween Songs for Kids

10+ Best Songs That Will Be Perfect for Kids Halloween Party

The smallest of things can get our children excited, and Halloween isn’t a tiny occasion by any means. The dressing up, candies, parties, and endless fun all make it all worth waiting. The day finally arrives when you have to plan everything down to the minutest detail. From spider cookies, monster popcorns, and crispy mummies to spooky decorations and themed costumes, everything demands detailed attention. And music? A party doesn’t count until it has good music. You surely don’t want all your efforts to go down the drain because the kids thought the music at the party was lame. Fret not, as we bring you a list of spook-worthy songs that can add spark to your Halloween party.

Top 15 Halloween Songs for Children

You can rock the skeletons out of your neighbourhood with our list of Halloween music for kids.

1. Who Took the Candy

Source: Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs

‘Who took the candy’ is an absolutely adorable Halloween song for kids. It mimics the famed rhyme called ‘who stole the cookie’, which is used in the game played by kids. Clapping and jumping around this beat is going to keep the young ones thoroughly excited.

2. Baby Shark Halloween

Source: Bounce Patrol Kids

‘Who took the candy’ is an absolutely adorable Halloween song for kids. It mimics the famed rhyme called ‘who stole the cookie’, which is used in the game played by kids. Clapping and jumping around this beat is going to keep the young ones thoroughly excited.

3. Skeleton Dance

Source: Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs

‘Skeleton dance’ is a fun song that can make your kids go crazy. It is also a super informative song that teaches your children about the bones in our bodies. Educative and foot-tapping, this is a winner for sure!

4. Ten Scary Steps

Source: Katie Cutie Kids TV

Ten Scary Steps is a Halloween song where a woman dressed as Little Red Riding Hood is going to her grandma’s house and at each step that she takes along the way, she encounters scary things like big bad wolf, a witch, a monster etc. Your little one can join the fun by counting along with Red Riding Hood!

5. The Good Times Goose Bumps Motel

Source: Judy Pancoast – Topic

This is a song that you must have on the kids Halloween playlist because it is so peppy and entertaining. You cannot keep your foot grounded with this playful number about the Goose Bumps Motel.

6. Haunted House

Source: Valerie Smalkin

Haunted House is again a vibrant song by Silly Goose and Val from their Halloween album. You can enjoy a fun visit to the haunted house with a witch, a skeleton, and different spirits while dancing to the beats of this song.

7. Haunted House by Little Blue Globe Band

Source: Toddler World TV

This Haunted House is a colourful video song where a bunch of costumed children walk through a haunted house and see a skeleton, a vampire, and a witch who are friendly and invite the children to dance and eat with them.

8. Must Be Halloween

Source: Grin Brigade – Topic

The album ‘Crazy With Happiness’ by Grin Brigade has a lovely song called ‘Must Be Halloween’. No party is complete without explicitly dancing to this Halloween song.

9. The Addams Family Theme Song

Source: Kunio89ro

It is clearly not Halloween without a mention of the fabulous ‘Addams Family’. Who can forget the adorable Mr Gomez, Wednesday, or even Cousin Itt? From the classic cartoons to the 90s movies, this macabre family taught us the basics of Spooksville.

10. The Munsters Theme Song

Source: noisywan

This is a popular song from the spooky album of – The Munsters’. It is a song that will appeal to all generations of paranormal and spook lovers. It will make a great start or end to your party playlist for sure.

11. Monster Boogie

Source: The Laurie Berkner Band

This monster song for preschoolers is a must-have song sung by The Laurie Berkner Band. When October hits, kids and families turn up to this song for the coming festive vibe.

12. Knock Knock, Trick, or Treat?

Source: Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs

When Halloween comes, it is evident that you will have to prepare for the decorations and costumes. This sweet song takes toddlers on a playful journey of dressing up, decorating, and trick-or-treating. This song encourages kids to do creative stuff on their own with art materials.

13. Ghostbusters


“Ghostbusters” is a lively and iconic Halloween-themed song performed by Ray Parker Jr. It was released in 1984 as the theme song for the popular movie of the same name. The song’s catchy tune and memorable lyrics, which mention the infamous “Ghostbusters” team and their mission to bust ghosts, have made it a timeless Halloween anthem.

14. Halloween Rules

Source: Car TV

“Halloween Rules” is a cheerful Halloween song designed for kids. It’s characterized by its catchy tune and whimsical lyrics that highlight the various aspects of Halloween festivities.”Halloween Rules” aims to capture the excitement and imagination that surrounds this holiday, making it a favorite among children during the Halloween season.

15. Casper the Friendly Ghost

Source: Star Dandy

“Casper the Friendly Ghost” is a beloved Halloween song that tells the story of Casper, a friendly ghost who doesn’t want to scare anyone. The song portrays Casper as a sweet and kind-hearted ghost, making him an endearing character for children during the Halloween season.

This list is a mix of songs that suits all age groups ranging from toddlers to preschoolers. You may want to do your research and tweak the playlist a bit depending on what age of children will be attending your Halloween festivities. Get that music going and enjoy the best ‘pumpkin party’ ever!

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