10 Easy and Creative Homemade Toys for Kids

10 Best Homemade Toys for Kids

Kids are always after the latest toys. From action figures to Barbie dolls, there is a huge variety of toys that are available. However, getting all the toys your kids want would be impossible and may even spoil your child. Why not find a way where you can balance this out by encouraging them to make their own toys? This will not only help in improving their brain development but would make them appreciate the toys the already have. Let them learn the new methods and skills with you using these toys. These toys can keep your kids energetic and also let the parents and family interact with the kids more often. There are several games that can be enjoyed with the homemade toys. Let’s see which one is perfect for your little one.

10 Homemade DIY Toys for your Children

Knitted Toys

Toys are the perfect friends for kids. Mostly, they get creative about toys and consider the toys their best friend as well. But as far as the social skills are concerned, they cannot break the shell. With this issue, it is essential for you to find time for your kids. The speciality of ‘Do It Yourself’ toys are that they can be made very easily. Thus, your kids can engage in more activities that could improve their brain development and social skills.  Hence during the making of each toy, one can easily acquire the skills and technique that may be useful to one in the future. You can literally select each of the material specifically for your kids as well as toddlers. Let’s see how some of the traditional toys are made:

1. Water Balloon Launcher

Balloons are just the perfect choice for fun. The water balloon launcher uses a holder to release the balloon. This helps to add more fun as the balloon is not broken easily, and you can aim more smoothly. Every kid will love to make one of these for themselves. Even the adults can enjoy the water balloon toy which helps to create a family bond as well.

What Tools and Materials You Will Need?

Balloon, elastic wire, balloon holder, handle strip

How to Make?

  • Take two elastic wire and tie it to a rigid structure.
  • Other ends of the wire are attached to the balloon holder
  • A handle is attached to the holder for the grip
  • Use the balloon in the holder for the action

Let the splashes of the water add more fun to your kid’s fun time. Release the holder by aiming to release the fun.

2. Backyard Rocket Launcher

Kids love the way things fly. A water rocket is just one of the homemade toys which could keep your kids excited. This toy can be made in your backyard with the help of some small stuff. This toy also inspires your kids to learn more about the science behind. Hence, this toy inspires them to learn with the fun.

What Tools and Materials You Will Need?

Soda bottle, a wooden base attached with weights, copper tube, bike pump, duct tape

How to Make?

  • Take the wooden base and fix it somewhere safe. The weight attachment is important to maintain the balance of the structure.
  • Fix the copper tube in the base in the vertical direction.
  • The copper tube connected to the bike pump at the base.
  • Fix an airtight lid in the soda bottle

Now fix the water filled bottle into the copper tube and pump some air in. This will result in the propulsion of the bottle. You can also add up a few frictions on the bottle to change the projectile.

3. Periscope

The wonders of mirrors are really fascinating. The periscope with the use of the mirror to give the image of some other angle will always keep your kids wonder. The little toy of wonder can be easily made with a rectangular box and the

What Tools and Materials You Will Need?

Foam board, two mirrors, and duct tape

How to Make?

  • Take the foam board and make a rectangular box
  • Put a rectangular hole at the top of one side and bottom of opposite side
  • Insert the mirror and fix it in this hole at an angle 45 degree in both the holes
  • Mirrors are to be arranged facing the hole and making 45 degree

The wonderful periscope is ready to use. One can colour the outer of the periscope as you wish. Periscope is a toy which uses the image reflection of mirrors perfectly keep the kids in awe.

4. Spinning Disk Toy

Round and round it goes. Kids are always full of energy and boost if you are guiding them the correct way. The spinning disc is one of the toys which can keep your kids in wonder. The small toy uses a string to spin the button which is attached.

What Tools and Materials You Will Need?

String of 2-foot length, buttons, scissors

How to Make?

  • Take the string and put the buttons inside
  • Tie the open ends to close the loop of the string

You can just use the strings to be in each hand and the button at the centre. Then extend your hands in and out. This will create a motion in the buttons which will amaze any kid.

5. Rolling Comeback Can

A little magic toy is always lovely. The rolling comeback can is a magical toy which when rolled will come back to us. This magical toy can easily excite your kids. The elastic mechanism used in the toy will amaze the kids and inspire them to learn more.

What Tools and Materials You Will Need?

Barrel-shaped plastic container, two cubic wooden clocks, two 1.5 inch cup hooks, rubber band, drill, non-lead fishing sinker, key ring

How to Make?

  • Drill the container in the bottom and top
  • Fix the cup hook in the square blocks and keep them on top and bottom
  • A fishing sinker is kept inside the container
  • Attach the rubber inside the container connecting the square blocks

This is one of the classic homemade baby toys. Kids will wonder about the magic container and will have a great time with it. Roll on and watch the wonder in your kid’s eyes when they roll back.

6. Homemade Coloured and Textured Block

Colour and so bright. That’s how they like it. The textured block is coloured and then crafted to add the charm. These are handmade toys for toddlers with its safe size and can be used in many ways as well.

What Tools and Materials You Will Need?

Large wooden blocks, textured scrapbook paper, wooden shapes and letters, scissors, paint, and brushes.

How to Make?

  • The wooden blocks are collected and coloured as per your liking
  • Textured scrapbook paper is applied in different shapes
  • Use brushes to paint the blocks with letters and shapes
  • Cut out different shapes and glue it as well

Let your toddlers have fun this coloured and textured blocks. The variety of shapes and design helps your kids to engage in a variety of games with the coloured blocks.

7. Homemade Sock Toys

Kids always like things to be cute and pretty. The Sock toys are made from a variety of materials. But it has a perfect charm that your kids adore. Let them make the sock toys to their liking using the variety of the ornamental stuff.

What Tools and Materials You Will Need?

Fluffy sock, Googley eyes, ornamental kinds of stuff, glue

How to Make?

  • Take the fluffy sock and fill it with soft materials
  • Stitch the ends with a thread of the same colour
  • Add the detail like Googley eyes and ornamental attachments as you desire
  • Stitch or glue each gently such that the softness of the sock is not lost

The sock toys can help your kids learn more about the cute and pretty styles. The toy making includes a variety of materials and skills. This will help your kids learn about things easily.

8. Stones for Play

The stones are used for a variety of games for kids. Thus, colouring these makes it more interesting for them. The colouring is done in a specific order or design that kids will learn to make shapes out of these rocks. These are suggested for kids and not for toddlers as they can easily cause problems.

What Tools and Materials You Will Need?

6 Colours of acrylic paint, brush, 28 flat rocks

How to Make?

  • Collect all the stones of the non-traditional shapes
  • Mark the colour till half of each rock
  • Next colour is painted on the other side and is also used in the next rock
  • Thus, the colouring will involve specific pattern

These stones can be arranged in the linear order of colours or used in a variety of games. The making of coloured stone will help your kids to learn about the patterns followed. One can also enjoy the painting and collection of the stones in the making process

9. Homemade Toys for Car Loving Kids

Almost all kids love cars and vehicles. They always dream of driving luxurious cars. Here the roads and maps are made for the traffic of the cars in your own house. Kids will have more fun riding in their car in the city they built themselves.

What Tools and Materials You Will Need?

Old clothing, paint, scissors, markers

How to Make?

  • Take the markers and old clothing
  • Mark the clothing for the roads, streets, and all major places
  • Cut out the marked clothing
  • Paint the clothing to add a real like touch
  • Stick it all together to make the city

The city made in this way is truly on creative skills. Your kids will gain more of the analytical skill and creative skill from this toy making. The city will grow more with your creativity and will attract more quality time.

10. Toys from The Recycle Bin

Toys should always give your kids some quality time. The toys from the recycle bin include unused things made useful. The ocean made from the wastage plastic bottle and structure made from the cardboard are examples.

What Tools and Materials Will you Need?

Old cardboard, bottles, water, oil, blue coloured flavour

How to Make?

  • Take the large bottle and clean it
  • Take water, oil, and blue coloured flavour in the same bottle
  • Mix them well after closing the bottle
  • Watch the ocean like blue inside the bottle
  • Cardboards are torn at the edges
  • They are joined together to form a structure of your choice

Welcome your kids to the world you used to live in. These homemade toys are perfect for keeping kids away from the tech gadgets. Let them have fun with some homemade games and toys. Always take special care or accompany your kids while they are engaging in toy making activities as they involve scissors.  Many of the mentioned toys make use of various mechanisms and technology. This will surely trigger the curiosity of your kids to learn more in the future.

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