10 Best Feng Shui Tips for Wealth, Money and Prosperity

10 Best Feng Shui Tips for Wealth, Money and Prosperity

Feng Shui is the art of attracting and building life energy for prosperity, well-being, and living in harmony with your surroundings. It literally translates to “wind and water” and has its roots in ancient Chinese tradition. ‘Chi’ is the core concept and philosophy behind Feng Shui and the Chinese believe it is found everywhere in life and nature, including inside your body.

Your emotional and spiritual states of mind are influenced by how good the Chi flow is in your body. Blockages could mean storms in your life or an unhappy lifestyle, while good Chi flow can ensure financial prosperity and physical and emotional well-being.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is literally the art and concept of placing furniture and elements of your house with regards to their surroundings. The way you place and arrange these elements will overall bring good and bad vibes, and thus, positive and negative opportunities. Feng Shui’s roots date back to over 6,000 years in China and is a complex art and science of balancing and harmonizing energies in different spaces through architectural placement.

How to Use Feng Shui to Attract Money and Abundance Into Your Life?

If you’re wondering how to attract money and abundance into your life by tapping into the power of Feng Shui, we’ve got you covered. Here are some ways to use the techniques and Feng Shui symbols for wealth and prosperity-

1. De-clutter Your Home

If you have too many things lying around the house, begin by de-cluttering. Too much clutter sucks out energy and causes confusion, discontentment, and depression. Visualize water flowing in through the entrance and walk from room to room. If something is blocking your way or makes you feel uneasy, get rid of it. If you don’t use something regularly, get rid of that too. You won’t regret it, we promise.

What you want to make sure when de-cluttering is making clear and open spaces. These give you breathing room and the space to explore, move, create and just be your very natural and best self.


2. Focus on the Entrance

The entrance to your home is your first impression. It tells a story and paints a picture about experiences one is about to go through the minute they walk through those doors. Add potted plants and doormats to make this spot elegant. You don’t want to overcrowd with elements, but keep it simple and inviting. Your entrance should welcome positive souls and ward away negative energy.

3. Get the Repairs Done

If you have leaky faucets or a toilet that has simply gone out of style due to damage, it’s time to repair them. Repairing these will not only save you time and costs down the line, but also keep you happy. As they say, there’s nothing that relaxes a person more than good hygiene.

get the repairs done

4. Rake Your Yard and Water Your Plants

If you’re thinking of making a garden or you already have one that’s dying, it’s time to do something about it. Your environment will love you back if you take care of it – remember that. Start by adding some flowers, watering the plants, and changing the soil – if that’s not already done. Use a wind chime for trees that are lying right in front of your door and trim those shrubs into picture-perfect landscaping elements. Also, make sure the pathways that lead to your entrance are clean and clear of debris. Get rid of the dirt and dust and allow the fresh air from nature to flow in by unclogging your environment.

5. Add an Aquarium to Your Home

One of the best feng shui money tips is to add an aquarium to the north or southeast side of your home. The north side attracts career opportunities, while the southeast sector brings financial abundance. The number of fish you have in the tank should be 8 redfish and 1 blackfish since that’s considered a lucky number for attracting positive Chi. The southeast sector is your Feng Shui wealth corner in the living room.


6. Place Your Desk in the Command Position

A good Feng Shui principle is to place the desk or work space to the command position of your room. Usually, this is diagonally from the entrance but the position makes sure that the door is directly not in your line of sight. It makes you feel that you’re the commander of your own energy and attracts wealth and prosperity. Make sure there are no windows behind you when you arrange your desk this way since a window drains out finances and does not support you.

7. Place a Mirror in Front of the Dining Space

The dining space or table is where your family receives nourishment and bonds together. Placing a mirror in front of the table where everybody can see each other and talk attracts positive chi. When placing the mirror, make sure there are no doors opposite to the mirror since that drains out good luck and brings misfortune instead.


8. Activating the Southeast Side for Wealth

You can activate the southeast sector of your home for attracting wealth and financial prosperity by adding a three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth. Add some wood elements like the jade plant and complement it with water elements to stimulate its growth and add to your fortune. But make sure the water element flows into your home and not out. Instead of a wood element, if you take a few Chinese coins and tie up together with a red ribbon, that works just as well too.

9. Close the Bathroom Door and Keep the Lid Down

Your toilet is designed to drain the wastewater and invite sanctity to your personal space. Keep the bathroom door closed and the lid down to make sure your hygiene is on point. Plus, it attracts good luck and you’d definitely want a piece of that.

close the bathroom door and put the lid down

10. No Mirrors in the Bedroom

The bedroom is the hallway and centre-space to your relationships, and we know successful relationships equals prosperity. Keeping a mirror in your bedroom invites infidelity and bad blood in relationships. So make sure you keep the mirrors out of that private space. If you do this, you will notice your romance blooming and your relationship with your spouse or partner improving. Just give it some time.

Feng Shui is not just about building financial wealth and abundance. It is also about simplifying your life and attracting more harmonic energy into your spaces. The arrangement of these non-living and living elements works in harmony and creates a subconscious effect on your soul when given necessary time. And you see these grow more and more by noticing positive effects in your life.

Simply de-cluttering your home and arranging the elements in these ways can help you attract positive energy and abundance into your life. While some changes may be immediate, others might take a little while to attract. The most important thing is to be patient and not obsessively think about it. Just let the energy do its work, cleanse your home, and harmonize your surroundings by applying these Feng Shui tips.

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