10 Best Educational Songs, Rhymes & Music for Children to Memorize

10 Best Educational Songs, Rhymes and Music for Kids to Memorize

A great way to teach kids about key concepts that they need to know before they start with the school journey can be easily achieved with the help of music. There is something about a catchy tune that grabs their attention and piques their curiosity. It triggers an instant reaction to hum along, and they eventually learn the lyrics too. Educational rhymes leave a lasting impression to learn educational concepts and get embedded in a child’s memory. The following videos will help you to introduce concepts to your child and get them started on their learning sojourn.

Top Trending Education Songs for Kids to Enjoy and Recall

There are several rhymes and songs on the internet that help parents and teachers teach basic concepts of numbers, alphabets, time and much more. Here is our collection of the top videos that you can find on the internet to teach your child about each concept.

1. Fruits and Vegetables Kids Song

Baby educational songs are a great way to introduce kids to different kind of fruits and vegetables. This one here has some great lyrics and visuals to go with for your kid to be interested right from the start.

2. Children Song for Learning Shapes

Educational songs for toddlers make learning shapes for children an amusing experience. This video takes kids through different shapes and where they can find it. You score two goals with this one- kids don’t just learn the shape but associate it with real-time objects.

3. The Solar System for Kids

With a mellow sound and a calming effect, the lyrics of the song are easy to remember and fun to hum along. It speaks about the entire solar system, the sun and interesting facts about the planet.

4. ’50 States That Rhyme’ by Raggs

Sung to the tune of “Do Your Ears Hang Low”, it is a great way to teach geography to your kids. Listed and sung in alphabetical order, this song will surely help kids impress their kindergarten teacher.


5. Silent ‘E’ Song By The Electric Company

A fun way to teach kids about those misleading words in English with a silent “e”. Upbeat, friendly and excited, there are many examples with supporting visuals. Kids would even be dancing along with learning.

6. ‘Schoolhouse Rock!-  The Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ Song For Kids

A perfect way to introduce the history, this has been a staple in classrooms and homes. It features songs and cartoons that teach kids about freedom.

7. The Big Numbers Song for Children

One of the best educational songs for pre-schoolers it teaches kids about numbers. With great visuals and an easy to sing tune, kids will easily learn numbers and remember the chronology forever.

8.The Sentence Song for Kids

This is a catchy tune that teaches kids about how to use key punctuations in sentences with some funky upbeat music in the background. With wonderful visuals that reinforce the concepts, your child will learn their basics of English quickly.


9. Animaniacs’ Nations of the World Song

An old song, it has some wacky cartoons that help kids learn about history and geography. Kids may not relate to it instantly, but they eventually love the visuals and also the tune. You may soon find your little one humming it in the bathroom.

10. “What Time Is It?” Song for Kids

A difficult topic to teach kids, this one makes it easy for parents and teachers. With a fun tune, the song is a piece of educational music for kids that teaches kids to read time both digital and analogue. With plenty of visuals, kids will learn hours, half past and quarter past increments.

Make learning a memorable experience with these videos. Kids need to have fun when they learn, and it needs to be all about learning through play. These educational songs achieve the right mix of blending key concepts with music to get kids to learn about things they need to know for life. With technology permeating into the lives of kids, it is a good idea to introduce these videos for a good cause.

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