List of 10 Best Beaches for Kids

10 Best Beaches For Kids

A family vacation at the beach can be an exciting idea, especially for the kids. Some enjoyable outdoor activities, calm waters, and a kid-friendly atmosphere are all that it takes for a perfect vacation. Relax and keep your kids occupied for hours, and you will create memories for a lifetime. Consider these best beach vacations with kids for the coming summers.

Cool Kid-Friendly Beach Destination

1. Assateague Island

Location: Maryland, United States

Why It’s Great

Wild horses, pristine clear waters, and white sand are the biggest appeals here. Although it extends up to Northern Virginia, we suggest you visit the Maryland section of Assateague Island Seashore near Ocean City. The herds of wild horses roaming freely in the Island amuse the kids and the adults alike. Consider these horses a little tamed, however, avoid getting too close or feeding them. Swim in the Atlantic and explore the local culture, your kids will love it here as it is a kid-friendly beach.

2. Filey Beach

Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Why it’s Great

What the whole family will enjoy here the most are rock pools at this beach, giving a chance to watch the marine life closely. The beach has several other attractions that your kids will love to explore. The sculpture trail around the bay and the ancient remains of a Roman signal station over the cliff are the other points of interest near the beach.

3. Bondi Beach

Location: Sydney, Australia

Why it’s Great

Although more popular as a surfing beach where the waves go wild at times, the beach has a safe zone marked with flags. The beach has a private pool designed for kids, with picnic benches and even BBQ areas. Moreover, you also find a shaded playground here to avoid the harsh Aussie sun. The cafes nearby have all the amenities including great food.

4. Castaway Cay

Location: Bahamas, United States

Why It’s Great

It is a private island in the Bahamas that is owned by Disney. The Island is themed around kids, fun, and frolic. There are plenty of activities and water games that kids of all ages enjoy thoroughly. The Island is primarily an exclusive port of Disney Cruise Line ships. The facilities on the Island are at par with the ones at any other Disney theme park. The buildings here are built to give an impression as if it has been improvised after a shipwreck. It is one of the best beaches for kids in the USA.

5. Wrightsville Beach

Location: North Carolina, United States

Why It’s Great

The place has built itself appreciably since Hurricane Florence. As an outcome, you have restaurants, resorts, and local businesses with upgraded and modernized facilities. Apart from the sea and water sports, your kids will have their hands full when it comes to activities and games. Take them to the museums, gardens, and indulge a little in fishing, they are going to love it. Get the beach gear from the local rental company and take them to kayak or hop on to a boat tour.

6. Siesta Beach

Location: Florida, United States

Why it’s Great

Another great beach in the U.S. that is perfect for a family vacation with kids. The beach is one of the best kid-friendly beaches in Florida. Efficient lifeguard supervision, playgrounds, and separate washrooms for kids are a few of those. The turquoise coloured water here is calm, and the fine sand makes it all more fun for the kids. Ample parking spaces that too free can be an added attraction for the parents. If looking for east coast beaches, head to Siesta Beach.

7. Natal Beach

Location: Brazil

Why it’s Great

For the kids, the place has water parks, amusement parks, playgrounds, and more. What’s more? Try rolling down the dunes along with the beach that is the kind of fun that you will remember for long. The Pirangi Cashew Tree here gives an impression of a forest from outside. However, it is a single tree that is 117 years old and has grown like a forest. Ponta Negara, Lake Jacuma, Barra De Cunhau, and several other exciting places will keep your kids occupied.

8. Punta Prosciutto

Location: Puglia, Italy

Why it’s Great: It is one of the most fantastic beaches that you are going to visit. The soft and the calm sea is inviting for visitors of all ages. The water is crystal clear and transparent, and your kids are going to love playing all sorts of games on this clearwater beach. The view from the beach is panoramic and breathtaking too. It suits your family vacation also due to the fact that it never remains crowded and is safe for kids from all aspects.

9. Iztuzu Beach

Location: Dalyan, Turkey

Why it’s Great

An interesting thing about this beach is the long stretch of sand that stands between the Dalyan River and the sea. The water here is warm and slow, perfect for your kids to swim and play. Another big attraction here is to watch loggerhead turtles in their protected nests. The beach is the breeding ground for these turtles, and you will find this place ideal for letting them experience and learn a little about our delicate environment.

10. Jekyll Beach

Location: Georgia, United States

Why it’s Great

This beach has a popular legend associated with it. If you visit it once, you will always come back again. The new Corsair Beach Park will give your kids plenty of playing time. Also, the museum that offers ‘edutainment’ is another place of interest for the little ones. The Dolphin Cruise and Driftwood Beach will make your vacation more enjoyable.

A vacation to the beach with kids can be a great idea provided; you chose your destination correctly. Closer to nature, it is more fun and enjoyable for the kids. Splashing the water, playing games with the waves, and the sand is what makes childhood memories.

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