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Mom of 2 children4 hours ago

Q. #AskTheExpert ; i have low quantity of milk for breastfeeding my daughter what should I do??? plz tell me

Neha sharmaMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boy4 hours ago
A. Hello dear for increasing your milk supply you should do one thing you can start taking one spoon roasted jeera with milk two times in a day in powdered form and also take more Fluids drink more plenty of water take a good diet eating all green leafy vegetables seasonal fruits and also take roasted Makhana with milk but avoid oily food and junk food
Mom of a 1 yr old boy5 hours ago

Q. #AskTheExpert My 1 year old always clings to my breasts when iam with him... He use my breast as his comfort which many a times is annoying and brings embarasment to me... Please help

Dr Sameer awadhiyaPaediatrician4 hours ago
A. actually at this age children develop a habit and it is just to be comfortable for them so do not worry and you need to remove this habit very gradually you can apply femite lotion over the nipple and as it is better your child will leave breastfeeding
Mom of a 3 m old boy1 hour ago

Q. I was giving Parle G biscuit to my son with my milk bt. aft sometime a drop of blood came so is it harmful

Dr BandanaAyurvedic Physician1 hour ago
A. From where drop of blood came?
Mom of a 3 m old boy5 hours ago

Q. how can I increase feeding to my baby I am having less milk

NihitaMom of a 11 m old boy5 hours ago
A. Hello and good morning you may take Himalaya shatavari or lactonic tablets please include milk and milk products and lauki kari pata roasted makhanas in your diet to increase milk production in your body
Mom of a 2 yr 9 m old boy1 hour ago

Q. My kid 2.9 years today morning onwards fever and severe throat pain? Not drinking or eating anything . Fully worried. Crying heavily because of throat pain.

Dr Sameer awadhiyaPaediatrician1 hour ago
A. if child is having fever and throat pain and there could be some upper respiratory infection to get consultation with your pediatrician and he will examine the child properly and give treatment accordingly do not self medicate your child
Mom of a 9 m old boy33 mins ago

Q. should I use nasocleaner

Neha sharmaMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boy33 mins ago
A. hello dear without doctor prescription I recommend you should not use if baby has a cold and cough then you should apply mustard oil in chest and neck of baby by adding A Pinch of salt and ginger and leave it over the night and cover it properly and you should take some Tulsi leaves with lukewarm water with honey and I recommend medicine should only be given with the doctor prescription because baby is so small
Mom of a Newborn child26 mins ago

Q. #AskTheExpert my baby can't latch on my nipples because I have flat Brest milk is not enough for him.I am giving him nanpro but Dr advice me to give him only mothers milk.

Dr BandanaAyurvedic Physician23 mins ago
A. Inverted nipples should be first examined by your gynecologist for proper advice. The management should begin during pregnancy and continue during early stages of breast feeding. Even nipple shield can be tried to feed the baby in the case of flat or inverted nipples.
Mom of a 1 m old girl26 mins ago

Q. when to start bal ghuti?

Dr BandanaAyurvedic Physician24 mins ago
A. No need to gripe water as it is not required by the baby. Keep feeding your bBy well after every two to three hours interval and on demand as well. Make sure you burp baby after every feed and hold him across your shoulder for 10 to 15 mins after feeding. Give tummy time, cycling motion of legs
Mom of a 2 m old girl26 mins ago

Q. sometimes my baby is sleeping with half eye open

Dr BandanaAyurvedic Physician22 mins ago
A. Few babies sleep like that nothing to worry. Keep feeding your baby well after every two to three hours interval and on demand as well. Make sure you burp baby after feeding by holding him across the shoulder for 10 to 15 mins after feeding
Mom of a 6 m old boy4 days ago

Q. i started cerelac for my baby. i made 150ml water and 9tbsp of pwd as instructed on the box but the quantity is too much. shud i store the remaining quantity in fridge or keep it out with lid also can i heat it in microwave

Dr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician4 days ago
A. Better to avoid Better to give home made freshly prepared food items only Exclusive breast feed ur baby till 6months of age After 6months of age u can start with  dal rice water, Moong dal puree Rice kanji Spinach and dal mash Tomato soup mashed fruit Apple puree Bloiled mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes Add 1item every 3rd day Give 2-3 serve in a day time Continue breast feed as a main source of food till 9 months of age.
Mom of a 9 m old boy17 mins ago

Q. he is suffering from respiratory infection... what should I do for him

Dr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician16 mins ago
A. Most of the time cough cold, fever  are viral in origin, it may subside by 3 -9 days. No need of any medication if mild.  If fever above 100F then need fever medication  (paracetmol) as per weight. If cold then need steam inhalation, nasal decongestant drops (nasivion baby nasal drops/Otrivin-P nasal drops 1drop in each nostril 3 times a day for 3 days). If cough then need cough syrup or drops as per babys cough condition  (wet or dry). Keep ur baby well hydrated in cough cold fever episode Maintain hygiene, hand wash properly, Keep ur baby away from other infected persons, continue to give  all  food items as before, continue breast feed as well till 1.5 months of age. It will help for fast recovery.  If decreased oral intake, decreased urine output,  breathing difficulty, Then need consultation with nearest pediatrician.
Mom of a Newborn girl17 mins ago

Q. Hello. my daughter is 20 days old since her birth i haven't given her breast feeding as required due to lack of milk because which ahe is addicted to bottle feeding now i see that there is increase in my breast supply but she doesn't latch at all. what has to be done can someone plz suggest.

Swati Chowdhary Madan Mom of a 2 yr 9 m old girl16 mins ago
A. You should check because it is the tendency and it can be recovered with the help of a homeopath
Mom of a 2 m old boy37 mins ago

Q. my baby is 2 month old nd my breast milk supply is less wht to eat to increase Breast milk...

Ramya Ramachandran Lactation Expert32 mins ago
A. Dear ma'am, massage your breast, stimulate your nipples and latch your baby deeply onto the breast. Feed every two to three hours once. Night feeds especially will help in increasing your milk supply. Eat all foods with main focus to spinach varieties, fruits, egg, fish, nuts, jeera powder, methi seeds, garlic etc.
Mom of a 6 m old boy17 mins ago

Q. my baby is in his 7th month. when me make him sit, he sits for few min then looses his balance and drop. is it safe for his spine or should we stop doing it

Dr BandanaAyurvedic Physician16 mins ago
A. Sitting, the infant learns to control his body in the sitting position from the age of five months onwards. Initially make your child sit with pillow support and gradually the baby will gain control over the body and starts sitting independently by the age of 8 months and sit steady keeping back straight. By the age of 10 months, the baby can pull himself up from the supine position to sitting position .
Mom of a 9 m old boy1 month ago

Q. shrish has dry cough ..

Dr BandanaAyurvedic Physician1 month ago
A. For coughing, first of all give indirect steam to the baby, use humidifier in the room, keep your baby well hydrated by feeding well, if above six months then other liquids can also be given like warm soups, home made juices, avoid giving cough syrups until your doctor prescribe them.

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