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Mom of a 7 m old boy1 hour ago

Q. #AskTheExpert hello doctor, my son is 7m old and he is on breast milk only, no formula. A month ago i started his solid foods. how much quantity of milk should he be fed from breastfeeding everyday ?

Kanika AroraNutritionist17 mins ago
A. hello...if you feel the baby is eating well then too much breastfeed is not must make sure to give do-gooder diet to the baby and breastfeed can be kept on demand as and when you feel you can breastfeed the baby
Mom of a 8 m old girl1 hour ago

Q. my daughter is 9+ months...can I do ragi malt from ready ragi flour which v get in shops n feed my kid ??

Kanika AroraNutritionist18 mins ago
A. your baby is nine months plus you can start giving ragi malt...and slowly introduce everything to the baby...bring your baby to a normal diet including all seasonal fruits and veges...start giving chapati as well to the can even introduce egg yolk now
Father of a 5 m old girl1 hour ago

Q. Can drinking alcohol in moderation while breast feeding affect the milk supply or baby in any way?

Kanika AroraNutritionist20 mins ago
A. hello...please avoid alcohol if you are breastfeeding mother...if you want to have alcohol you must quit breastfeeding as it might definitely affect the breast milk and the baby...
Mom of a 1 m old girl22 mins ago

Q. #AskTheExpert what all foods we need to avoid during breast feeding? which food will increase lactation?

Dr BandanaAyurvedic Physician20 mins ago
A. If your milk supply is low, first of all you should focus on your diet, eat nutritious and balanced diet comprising of nuts, seeds, fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables, lentils. Drink plenty of liquids. Make sure you drink a glass of milk after feeding the baby to prepare your breast for next feed. Avoid taking stress as it lowers the milk supply. Take good rest. And start taking shatavari powder 2.5gms twice a day with a glass of warm milk.
Mom of a 8 m old boy29 mins ago

Q. My nine month boy is suffering from constripation please suggest something and guide how much milk we can give in a day to 9 month boy

Dr Sameer awadhiyaPaediatrician26 mins ago
A. if your child is suffering from constipation then you should avoid giving banana top milk and mega products and also you can give bonnisan drops and neopeptine drops 10 to 15 drops twice a day for 2-3 months
Mom of a 1 m old boy19 mins ago

Q. #AskTheExpert to gain the weight of my baby is now 1 and off month old... he pre born baby.... what I should have to gain the weight of my baby... please help me out....

Neha sharmaMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boy18 mins ago
A. Hi dear I suggest you should take of good and rich diet including all green leafy vegetables seasonal fruits dry fruits but avoid oily food junk food and Spicy food and during the day you should take rest for at least 2 and 3 hours and always stay in a positive attitude and sometimes you can do meditation for 5 and 10 minutes it helps to get relief
Mom of a 1 yr 2 m old boy20 mins ago

Q. my husband is colour blindness n my baby is 14 mth old boy it is hereditary .what is the chance of my baby

Dr Laxmi Chavan-SawantAyurvedic Gynaecologist 18 mins ago
A. Yes color blindness is hereditary. Its better you get it checked your doctor. This occurs in most cases, but not all cases are positive. . Maintain proper hydration and health. This may improve the condition. And have regular follow up with your Eye doctor.
Mom of a 2 m old boy20 mins ago

Q. Are garcinia cambogia capsules safe for weight loss? Does it has any side effects?

Dr BandanaAyurvedic Physician18 mins ago
A. Avoid using medicine for weight loss. Post delivery, you should take good rest and eat nutritious and balanced diet. Usually, the body takes 3 months to get back to normal. Start with light exercises like walking for 30 mins everyday and afterwards start doing yoga under expert guidance. Yogic aasana like bhujang aasana, tadaasana (mountain pose), Surya namaskar for overall toning of the body, paschchimmottan aasana, in other exercises. Push ups, crunches, but to tell you all these should be done in expert supervision to avoid injuries.
Father of a 1 yr 4 m old girl20 mins ago

Q. my baby is not eating food.she always drinks milk

Neha sharmaMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boy18 mins ago
A. I suggest that you should give everything to baby as a part of your family foods including all green leafy vegetables seasonal fruits dry fruits and make a friendly atmosphere giving in small quantity after every 3 and 4 hours because some babies are fussy eates
Mom of a Newborn boy20 mins ago

Q. #AskTheExpert How to deal with breast nipple soreness..?

Dr BandanaAyurvedic Physician18 mins ago
A. Cracked nipples or sore nipples generally caused by faulty attachment of the baby to breast during feeding. It can be healed by applying hind milk on the nipples, warm compress over breast. Keep the nipples aerated in between n the feeds to heal them fast. Never forcefully detach the baby from breast to avoid nipple injury. Avoid wearing bra for sometime till the nipples heal or appky some emollient cream over the nipples during this period like nip care.
Guardian of a 3 m old boy19 mins ago

Q. can teether give on three and half month baby as He keep his two hand all time in mouth ?

Dr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician17 mins ago
A. Thumb sucking may be normal at this age It may also be due to infection, teething, insecure feeling, If possible give teether Distract ur Baby whenever he or she will do this. It will help. Keep ur baby well hydrated Baby should pass minimum urine 6-8 times per day
Mom of a 1 yr 1 m old girl14 mins ago

Q. My baby is13 the month.she is not intended to take food& Rice . What is the solution.?

Neha sharmaMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boy13 mins ago
A. hello dear if you baby is not taking food and anything it's a matter of concern for one time we should take a consultation from doctor regarding this they will give you any tonic for increasing the appetite of your baby
Mom of a 1 yr 2 m old boy2 hours ago

Q. My baby is 1.2yr .Always having cough and running nose .I shows to dr ,given antibiotics .Then its stopped ,and after 1week it will come again ..

Dr Sameer awadhiyaPaediatrician2 hours ago
A. the symptoms what you are telling are in favour of some allergic rhinitis or any other sort of energy so it is better again consult with doctor and get allergy test done so as to rule out the factors which are causing allergy to your baby leading to rhinitis and cough
Mom of a 3 m old boy1 hour ago

Q. Baby ko fever hai.... Fepanil syrup diya tha..... To thik nahi hua

Dr Sameer awadhiyaPaediatrician1 hour ago
A. as your baby is just 3 months old and if there is fever you should consult with your pediatrician and get the baby examine do not give any medication just like that and you have given fepanil syrup baby should be given drops that too in a proper dose
Mom of a 3 m old girl21 mins ago

Q. hello there are many lotions, creams, oils in the market. is it necessary to use them or plain coconut oil alone is enough for massage before as well as for moisturizing skin?

Neha sharmaMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boy20 mins ago
A. hello dear I reckon you should massage to baby with coconut oil or Hamdard badam Rogan Shirin oil and leave for half an hour and then give bath to baby with the warm water and use only mama Earth and stay always with one product

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