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Mom of a 1 m old girl6 hours ago

Q. hi my baby is 6 weeks old . usko vaccine karvayatha one week back uske leg swelling and so hard abithak nayi gaya..is it okay? kabthak

dr pranami mehta Paediatrician1 hour ago
A. Generally after vaccination swelling remains for 9 to 10 days bt it should be without pain and any discomfort to baby._apply oil over swelling n do massage.n if it red n painful than visit ur doctor
Mom of a 5 m old girl6 hours ago

Q. Plz suggest some good and safe teether for baby .. Which brand n shape is good?

dr pranami mehta Paediatrician1 hour ago
A. Silicone teether with any shape..better to use food feeder u cn get it fm firstcry or medical shop
Mom of a 3 m old girl3 hours ago

Q. which diapers are best ...my babies cries due to leakage in the diaper at night time I have tried huggies as well as pampers still confused

Vidya JMom of a 3 m old boy13 mins ago
A. mamy poko pants
Father of a 1 m old boy2 hours ago

Q. my son is now 36 days and wife is breastfeeding mother and she is so much in pain of gastric so can any1 please help me what 2 do for the quick relief from the pain?

Vidya JMom of a 3 m old boy15 mins ago
A. introduce lot of garlic and cumin in ur food. Eat healthy foods on time.
Mom of a 11 m old girl6 hours ago

Q. my son is 6 yrs old.i met with counsller.dr. says he is suffering from adhd.concentration problem. doctor advised to give neurocetam syrup. kya uska koi side effect h. aur ye kis liye h. kya baccha addict to ni ho jayega is Davai se. kitne time tak du usse. plz suggest

dr pranami mehta Paediatrician1 hour ago
A. When doctor prescibe u for some medicine u hv to ask them how much n how many days i hv to give.++ u hv to ask y i hv to gv this medicine what vl be impact on this medicine on my kids..in special case like ADHD..doctor orescrib u medicine hv trust on him n gv medicine there is no side effect.n generally medicine hv to gv up to long duration.
Mom of a 3 m old boy1 hour ago

Q. hello my baby is sleeping from 8 pm to till now its 3 am am trying to wake him up for feeding he refuses to open the eyes and sleeps again is it ok baby can sleep this type of long stretch witbout having feed??

Vidya JMom of a 3 m old boy26 mins ago
A. it is normal don't worry..my 3 month old baby sleeps the whole night like us..he is doing good. baby will get up when he is hungry so don't worry
Mom of a 3 m old boy32 mins ago

Q. which is best weight gain formula milk

Father of a 1 m old girl6 hours ago

Q. my daughter is 7 week old. she was not passed stool since last 6 days. what should BDO now?

priyanka aroraMom of a 3 yr old boy6 hours ago
A. don't wry it's common in breastfeed babies.as bf mommy eat fibre rich foods n increase your fluid intake.do oil massage of tummy.keep an eye for two more days if still won't pass consult doctor
Mom of a 1 m old girl2 hours ago

Q. my baby crying continuously and also not sucking my milk. askex Dr and he said she is normSl.but am worried as she is not sleeinv in day ornight too. pls help

Vidya JMom of a 3 m old boy19 mins ago
A. i guess she is having gas problem.burp her after every feed.have patience as she needs time to adjust to the environment
Father of a 9 m old girl3 months ago

Q. #AskTheExpert My daughter is into her 6th month. Pls help me with food to be given to her. Right now she is on her mother's milk 2-3 times a day and lactogen milk 4-5 times.

PreranaMom of a 4 yr 8 m old girl3 months ago
A. Introduce new foods slowly so that any allergic reaction or intolerance to food can be detected Start 1 tablespoon one time a day on the first day. Then slowly increase intake Always check for any allergy or tummy upset, it is a sign that your little one is not tolerating the food, stop it immediately, give a day’s time before introducing another new food. You can reintroduce the same food after 4 to 6 weeks. recommended timings for giving the solid food will be around 11 am to 12 pm in mornings and 4 to 6 pm in the evenings. Do not force to feed if the baby does not like the food, try another variety.. make sure you avoid,any kind of processed food like ferex biscuits . you could start with over ripen banana,malted ragi cooked in water, over cooked mashed rice and potatoes could be given ..also home made cow's milk curds cud b given to the bby. make sure you add 1/4th of a tsp of cows ghee with any cereal preparation. introduce one new food at a time..and the other food after a weeks time. consistency of the food you offer should be in smooth purées or mashed foods without any lumps. Between 7 and 9 months, give him mushy food with soft lumps or soft finger foods. From 9 months to age 1, you can feed him minced and chopped dishes, as well as hard finger foods. 

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